Saturday, October 10, 2009

Harvest Fest

Harvest Fest is a community festival with the business community in North Mpls. Officer Mike was preparing for it when, "a pipe in the attic of Lucy Laney leaned into his head and cut him".

Emergency Room material?

After the good Doctors glued his head back together, the Bike Cops for Kids got rolling and connected with the brave kids who came out to the Harvest Fest at Lowry and Penn.

Some old friends were reconnected with...

And some new friends were made.

It was about 36 degrees and windy, but we stayed warm with good gear.

A Lucy Laney kids happy to spend some Saturday time with his favorite school cop.

Lucy Laney kids and Officer Mike.

These 3 ladies refused to let Officer Mike connect with kids and Officer Mark had to cover twice as much ground.

Officer Mark and this young man spent a moment in the cold before seeking some shelter inside the Subway.

Officer Mike and this little girl are the exact opposite in the hairstyle department. Plus, she has never had to have her head glued back together.