Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A chance meeting with Council member Don Samuels just before breakfast.

Officer Mike thought the best way to help Officer Mark change his flat tire would be to take pictures of him in the back round of a close-up of himself.

Kevin, the owner of Freewheel Bike shop on the Mpls Greenway gets an ear full of Officer Mark's big plans.

Bike Cops can look tough if they try hard enough.

Felicia, manager of the Broadway McDonalds and Officer Mark.

The best coffee shop in the city again for some energy.

City Attorney Susan Segal and Martha Holton with Officer Mark in front of the Mad Dads community action vehicle on Broadway.

V.J. Smith, founder and president of the MN chapter of Mad Dads and Officer Mark.

It was tough to find kids outside, so we hollered at these tykes to come out and get some cool stickers.

These cool kids yelled "Officer Mike" as we biked by, necessitating a stop.

After lunch at the Midtown Global Market we had some time for a little chess. Checkmate!

Officer Mike never learned how to play chess, which made it easy for Officer Mark to win 3 out of 5.

Bike mechanic Sam and Officer Mark at Freewheel Bike Shop.

Former north side State Senator Carl Kroening shared a bit of his day with the Bike Cops for Kids.

Officer Mark coordinating a tactical response with Officers Rabine and Hagen

Issac's birthday song. We'll be back there tomorrow with helmets, cheese burgers and fries to celebrate right. Watch for it.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Windy Monday

Windy and overcast Monday made for irritable bike cops with little to do.
Officer Mike catching up on his administrative tasks from last week.

Officer Skogland in the back round refused to pose for a picture with the "Diva Bike Cops" as we caught him in the parking lot before work.

We did find a gymnasium full kids to read a book to and they sang us a song in return.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Fun Friday

Sadia's twins with the Bike Cops for Kids.

We filled up the booking van - not with bad guys this time.

This little guy was attempting to replicate Mike's fake smile at the Broadway McDonalds

Jennifer and Michaela found Mark and Mike at Papas Pizza at lunch.
The Jerry Gambles Boys and Girls club doing what they do best at Glengale park.

The PEACE Foundation threw a street party at 14th/Irving and these kids wouldn't stop dancing for the picture.

Asante beat Officer Mark in a footrace.

Sondra Samuels (PEACE Foundation president) and her daughters with the Bike Cops for Kids

The team of helmet fitters helped over 110 kids find the right helmet at the street party.

This little guy was particularly proud of his new helmet. His equally proud dad couldn't hold back his smiles.

Surveying the Bike Rodeo with a couple of kids.

Officer Mike got an unexpected "brother hug" from one of the kids who attends the school he works at during the school year.

A brief break from the heat at Farview Park with some little swimmers.

This young man had some tips on how to be a better cop for Officer Mark.

I met this guy when he was 4 years old and spent many years in his neighborhood. I have not seen him since he was about 11. He said, "Tha Boy! it looks like you've lost some weight". Tha Boy was my street cop nick name.

Officer Mike on a little business check with the Sisters of Sew up on Thomas Ave N.

A couple of happy helmet receivers up at the Special Operations Center of the MP

The cook was watching his ribs very carefully with Officer Mike around.

This was our youngest little client that day. Possibly our pickiest as well.

Officer Mark served up some lunch for hungry folks on Glenwood Ave/Gramercy.

The sun was bright at the start of this cool video.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

More pictures from the downtown visit

This little guy was so helpful at his dad's stand in the farmer's market, we just had to stop on our way back up north.
"I was waiting for the bus with Grandma and I told these 2 policemen that I wanted to be a policeman and then they gave me a bike helmet."

"I was waiting for the bus with Grandma and I told these 2 policemen that I wanted to be a policeman and then they gave me a bike helmet."

Both of us went Red for women's heart health with the women who convinced us.

Here's Officer Mark tolling down Nicollet Mall telling people there were NOT kids being hauled around behind police bikes.

The Farmer's Market is wonderful.

Officer Mike spurning the advances of the ladies who were not so sure about cops wearing shorts and pulling a bike trailer down Nicollet Mall

Sheletta Brundidge, Officer Mark Klukow and Kevyn Burger going Red for womens heart health at Peavy Plaza on Farmer's Market Thursday. Sheletta and Kevyn are cohosts of a radio talk show on in the afternoons on 107.1. Funny women.

We ran into Scott Mayer and Mitch Kelley on our way to our accountability meeting with the Ciresi Foundation folks.

The we ran into Mike uncle Mike too.

Officer Mike and Officer Mark at the Robins, Kaplan, Miller and Ciresi lawfirm sharing the successes of the project the Ciresi Foundation has funded this summer.