Monday, June 22, 2009

Day #1

Officers Mark, President Obama and Officer Mike met at the PEACE Foundation to start the big endeavor.

This laptop was retrieved from the thief and given back to Sondra before processing the criminal for thievery.

Mike had to buy the $5 foot long because he put one less hole in the target at the police gun range earlier in the day.

Henry Crosby and Mr. Knox along with Officers on a tour of the new YMCA youth center on West Broadway.

The Minneapolis Urban League's air conditioning was working well and Mark is pictured here with the desk employees making sure no one gets in without signing in.

Officer Mike lost a tough match to this Cookie Cart employee who refused to give Mike her name.

Officer Mark hanging out with the church engineer as he waited for the pastor to show up.

Officer Mike taking photos of Mark speaking to 100 youth from the exurbs who came in to give their time, resources and energy to the north side for the entire week.

Officer Mike's skilled photography again as Mark spoke about safety and preparedness to the kids in the basement of Ascension Church.

Officer Mike and Shari Pugh (NRC director) at the best coffee shop in the city.

Officer Mark and Tremon with the "whole wide world in their hands"

Officer Mike with the Coleman kids after a game of football in their front yard.

Officer Mike with Vijay Smith's #2 Mad Dad at the bus stop.

Officer Mike with Triniece in front of the Shiloh Temple on Broadway.

These employees of the Cookie Cart were "having a meeting" and Officer Mark disrupted it.


  1. Mike and Mark - you make me proud. Thanks.

  2. Thanks Time. Nice to hear.