Tuesday, June 30, 2009

A chance meeting with Council member Don Samuels just before breakfast.

Officer Mike thought the best way to help Officer Mark change his flat tire would be to take pictures of him in the back round of a close-up of himself.

Kevin, the owner of Freewheel Bike shop on the Mpls Greenway gets an ear full of Officer Mark's big plans.

Bike Cops can look tough if they try hard enough.

Felicia, manager of the Broadway McDonalds and Officer Mark.

The best coffee shop in the city again for some energy.

City Attorney Susan Segal and Martha Holton with Officer Mark in front of the Mad Dads community action vehicle on Broadway.

V.J. Smith, founder and president of the MN chapter of Mad Dads and Officer Mark.

It was tough to find kids outside, so we hollered at these tykes to come out and get some cool stickers.

These cool kids yelled "Officer Mike" as we biked by, necessitating a stop.

After lunch at the Midtown Global Market we had some time for a little chess. Checkmate!

Officer Mike never learned how to play chess, which made it easy for Officer Mark to win 3 out of 5.

Bike mechanic Sam and Officer Mark at Freewheel Bike Shop.

Former north side State Senator Carl Kroening shared a bit of his day with the Bike Cops for Kids.

Officer Mark coordinating a tactical response with Officers Rabine and Hagen

Issac's birthday song. We'll be back there tomorrow with helmets, cheese burgers and fries to celebrate right. Watch for it.

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