Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Da da da da da, I'm lovin' it.

Great group of kids from 2 houses next door to each other. McDonalds donated 30 cheese burgers and a lot of french fries for Issac's birthday party at high noon. They all got a helmet.

This little girl really liked Mike. She also knew how to make sure she got enough lunch.

Best lunch we've had in a while.

These kids were early risers and they promised to wear their helmets every time they ride.

This bike was abandoned because the chain was wrapped up in the chain guard. We fixed it and left it on the boulevard with a new helmet.

These 2 kids are brothers and said they'd make sure each other wore a helmet each time he rides.

Opposites attract. Mike and this little guy hit it off right away.

It's not evident in the picture, but the kids in the front are about 4 years younger than the kids in the back and they were running in 2 separate groups. The younger kids were not sure how their helmets would be received when the older kids saw them and they concern was palpable when the older guys arrived. Once we told everyone they could win a bike if they were caught wearing their helmet, the older guys were fully on board and the entire interaction may have been the best moment of the project so far.

These guys are having a fun summer.

This proud father saw our project on the news and was elated to catch us on the street so his daughter could have a chance to win a new bike.

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