Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Safety Ceremony

Officer Mark found safe bikers on his way home for the day. Great kids.

This is the cameraman from KSTP taking the training wheels off of this girls brand new bike. She and another bike winner were very happy he had a monkey wrench in his truck.

The 2 guys in the middle, Deshawn and Ben won bikes for wearing their helmets.

Darryl and his kids were happy to meet the Bike Cops for Kids and get some new helmets. They were playing "police officer" using walkie talkies when we found them. You can see the makeshift walkie talkies if you search.

Officer Mike talking with members of the media who came to the safety ceremony.

Officer Mark with some kids hanging our in front of the stage we put together for the Safety Ceremony.

McDonalds provided a big lunch and everyone here yelled, "I'm loving it" before the Safety Ceremony. Thanks McDonalds.

Officer Mike with the kids who went to the school he worked at last year.

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