Thursday, July 30, 2009

Street Party!

The Bike Cops for Kids hosted a street party on the east side of the Hawthorne neighborhood and had a blast with all of these people and at least a hundred more.

John, Megan and Terry posed here so I could catch Officer Mike texting during our party. John has a blog called The Adventures of Johnny Northside and Terry has one called the Mplsmirror. Megan is a Northsider with a huge heart. These folks are friends of the Bike Cops for Kids.

The bike rodeo was simple, but effective.

Rick Maas and the MPD crime prevention interns along with neighbor, Joan Thom, setting up a hot dog stand for the street party.
In the back round, previous bike winner Lilly is being read to by Brooke from "500 under 5", a literacy and community outreach initiative who came and passed out books.

This little girl and I struggled through this book together.

An adorable family of proud bike helmet wearing kids and their grandma.

Officer Mike in a PEACE sandwich with Tenanye and Ann, PEACE Foundation board members.

I was able to catch up with these 16 year olds who I used to know as their neighborhood beat cop when they were toddlers. Their mom even remembered me too.

Michelle and Sara are trauma nurses at the U of M Fairview Children's Hospital and they are sticklers for making sure the helmet sits exactly right on the kids head.

Here's a picture of Lauren Martin from "500 under 5" passing out books to a young man punishing his hot dog - while wearing his bike helmet.

Jenna won a bike on Monday and helped her little sister gear up for a chance to win a bike herself. Once we can get a big brother or big sister to set the example, the little ones are easy to convert into wearing that helmet every time. Thanks Jenna!

These 2 young ladies are MPD crime prevention interns and have been instrumental with some of our street parties this summer.

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