Monday, July 27, 2009

Mayor Rybak bikes along with Bike Cops for Kids

Officer Mark transporting the Mayor's bike in preparation for his "bike along" with the Bike Cops for Kids.

The Mayor realized that being a bike cop for kids is possibly the best job in Minneapolis. Here we connected with some young guys and a mentor who flagged us down.

Officer Mike skipping with a big fan of the Bike Cops visit to her block today.

These folks were on vacation from Winnipeg and needed help fixing a flat tire during their extensive bike tour of Minneapolis.

Above is a great picture of the Mayor adjusting the seat on Jenna's brand new bike she won for wearing her helmet.
Kids of every age in the above photo with Officer Mike and Mayor Rybak after fitting them with their bike helmets.

These little girls were were teaching the Mayor how to shake hands before a job interview.

This little guy was taking some tips from his sister on how to shake hands with the Mayor of Minneapolis.

Officer Mike with some young guys in front of the Cookie Cart on West Broadway.

Officer Mike and the Mayor strolling through the northside on a beautiful day to connect with kids.

These guys were about as fun as they get. We played some football and almost got in trouble for obstructing traffic.

Officer Mike fitting Kadonna for her helmet while explaining to her that the Mayor was glad to meet her. She was a bit overwhelmed as you'll see in the video below. Great kid.


  1. Out of curiosity, when did you guys go out?
    I know two of those boys, I help them with their bikes, fixing flats, adjusting things, all the time. I think I might have just missed you guys coming down my block.

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Hi Ariah. Thanks for helping these guys with their bikes. We were out between 11-3 that day. You'll likely see us again and please hollar so we can meet you.