Tuesday, July 7, 2009

WCCO and Greenway safety patrol

The Bike Cops for Kids were on WCCO radio in the morning with John Hines and Susie Jones.

Here's proof that what I said above actually happened.

Here is the best picture of Officer Mike and Officer Mark waiting to meet the Midtown Greenway safety coalition for a night ride.

Officer Mike ruined this Yankee fans baseball outside the Grand Hotel where that baseball team from New York City stays while they are in town.

The soccer game down off the Midtown Greenway was at halftime and The Bike Cops for Kids got the chance to thrill the crowd with some nifty soccer moves of their own.

The home team liked Officer Mark's free kick so much they asked to pose for a picture.

Officer Mark catching up with some kids from the school he works at during the school year.

Officer Mike having a good time.

These little guys are brothers who liked the sound of the police bike siren when Officer Mike whistled it for them.

Officer Mark discussing the curfew ordinance with some Mpls youth.

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