Monday, July 20, 2009

Recharged and restocked for phase #2

We found these guys without bikes, but in need of a helmet. The shorter one describes how his bike doesn't have 2 peddles and the taller kid only has a skateboard. We'll be looking for these guys again to award them new bikes.

We ordered a sign for our bike trailer from A signs on Lowry Ave. The owner should have it ready by Tuesday and it will appear in the blog Wednesday.

This was the oldest kid in a group of 11 and his participation was instrumental in the other kids participation in the initiative.

Right after eating fresh at the Lowry Ave Subway, we found this guy biking to basketball practice without a helmet. He said he won't take it off until he wins a new bike.

Great neighborhood group of kids. We'll be going back to see if they are wearing their new shiny helmets. This group may get a few bikes if we can catch them.

This kids smile says it all. I don't think we have had a kid this happy to get a free bike helmet yet.

This young lady went to Officer Mike's school and her mother was very happy to have a police officer visit in the middle of the "dog days of summer". Her little brother was a little overwhelmed in the picture here.

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  1. Hello Officers,
    Why don't you come to the Hmong Academy @ Northstar for a visit? 2410 Girard Ave. North, we have one more week of summer school left. I'm not sure if you know this or not, but we will be moving back to Jordan Park for the beginning of the 2009-10 school year! Isn't that great news? We are so happy to be going back. It will be good for the neighborhood as well. Also, I know Martrease from Lucy Laney. Now if you could get him to cross at corners with the light and also get him to read as well as listen to his teachers, that would be wonderful!!!! From the reigning Media Queen @ JP (Coreen Blau) You are housed in our old Hamilton school building, aren't you? I thought I recognized the hallway of the bldg.