Friday, July 31, 2009

Stocking up on new Trek bikes from Penn Cycle

The Bike Cops for Kids with the staff from Penn Cycle after our final pick-up of new bikes.

Hennepin County Deputy Sergeant Felicia Chesmer met with the Bike Cops for Kids to learn more and possibly implement a similar program county wide.

Father Michael, President of DeLasalle High School, stopped Officer Mike in the middle of lunch to tell tell him how proud he was that he did something with his life. Father Michael taught Mike how to be a man at Cretin High School 25 years ago.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Street Party!

The Bike Cops for Kids hosted a street party on the east side of the Hawthorne neighborhood and had a blast with all of these people and at least a hundred more.

John, Megan and Terry posed here so I could catch Officer Mike texting during our party. John has a blog called The Adventures of Johnny Northside and Terry has one called the Mplsmirror. Megan is a Northsider with a huge heart. These folks are friends of the Bike Cops for Kids.

The bike rodeo was simple, but effective.

Rick Maas and the MPD crime prevention interns along with neighbor, Joan Thom, setting up a hot dog stand for the street party.
In the back round, previous bike winner Lilly is being read to by Brooke from "500 under 5", a literacy and community outreach initiative who came and passed out books.

This little girl and I struggled through this book together.

An adorable family of proud bike helmet wearing kids and their grandma.

Officer Mike in a PEACE sandwich with Tenanye and Ann, PEACE Foundation board members.

I was able to catch up with these 16 year olds who I used to know as their neighborhood beat cop when they were toddlers. Their mom even remembered me too.

Michelle and Sara are trauma nurses at the U of M Fairview Children's Hospital and they are sticklers for making sure the helmet sits exactly right on the kids head.

Here's a picture of Lauren Martin from "500 under 5" passing out books to a young man punishing his hot dog - while wearing his bike helmet.

Jenna won a bike on Monday and helped her little sister gear up for a chance to win a bike herself. Once we can get a big brother or big sister to set the example, the little ones are easy to convert into wearing that helmet every time. Thanks Jenna!

These 2 young ladies are MPD crime prevention interns and have been instrumental with some of our street parties this summer.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Safety Ceremony

Officer Mark found safe bikers on his way home for the day. Great kids.

This is the cameraman from KSTP taking the training wheels off of this girls brand new bike. She and another bike winner were very happy he had a monkey wrench in his truck.

The 2 guys in the middle, Deshawn and Ben won bikes for wearing their helmets.

Darryl and his kids were happy to meet the Bike Cops for Kids and get some new helmets. They were playing "police officer" using walkie talkies when we found them. You can see the makeshift walkie talkies if you search.

Officer Mike talking with members of the media who came to the safety ceremony.

Officer Mark with some kids hanging our in front of the stage we put together for the Safety Ceremony.

McDonalds provided a big lunch and everyone here yelled, "I'm loving it" before the Safety Ceremony. Thanks McDonalds.

Officer Mike with the kids who went to the school he worked at last year.

Meet The Mayor

Mayor Rybak interviewed the Bike Cops for Kids on his TV show, "Meet the Mayor" in which public safety was the topic.

An adorable family of kids down by the river on their way to the Mill City Museum grabbing a moment for a picture. Elyse (below), Maddy (soccer team in state championship) and Ryan (tree climber).

Officer Mike needed Elyse to help him keep 5 yo Luke under control because Officer Mark was busy taking pictures.

These 2 kids were just told about their new bikes that will be delivered tomorrow and Officer Mark took a moment on the porch and off of his bike seat.

2 more lucky helmet wearers that will receive their new bikes during a Safety Ceremony to be held Wednesday at 3:00 PM near 16th/Girard Av N. They want you to come if you can.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Mayor Rybak bikes along with Bike Cops for Kids

Officer Mark transporting the Mayor's bike in preparation for his "bike along" with the Bike Cops for Kids.

The Mayor realized that being a bike cop for kids is possibly the best job in Minneapolis. Here we connected with some young guys and a mentor who flagged us down.

Officer Mike skipping with a big fan of the Bike Cops visit to her block today.

These folks were on vacation from Winnipeg and needed help fixing a flat tire during their extensive bike tour of Minneapolis.

Above is a great picture of the Mayor adjusting the seat on Jenna's brand new bike she won for wearing her helmet.
Kids of every age in the above photo with Officer Mike and Mayor Rybak after fitting them with their bike helmets.

These little girls were were teaching the Mayor how to shake hands before a job interview.

This little guy was taking some tips from his sister on how to shake hands with the Mayor of Minneapolis.

Officer Mike with some young guys in front of the Cookie Cart on West Broadway.

Officer Mike and the Mayor strolling through the northside on a beautiful day to connect with kids.

These guys were about as fun as they get. We played some football and almost got in trouble for obstructing traffic.

Officer Mike fitting Kadonna for her helmet while explaining to her that the Mayor was glad to meet her. She was a bit overwhelmed as you'll see in the video below. Great kid.

Busy Bee Bike Cops

Officer Mike with Isiah on a patrol car.

Isiah and his mom, Kertrell, on his brand new bike.

Officer Mike with a family we've been visiting all summer. We brought them lunch compliments of McDonalds and had some fun.

Here's Officer Mike and Linda the Manager at McDonalds who donates cheese burgers and fries for us to have lunch with kids and their families.

Mike and Mark programming each lock that accompanies each new bike we give away.

These are 2 of the great team of bike mechanics at Penn Cycle who have donated their time putting these bikes together for us. Below is a poorly directed (Mike) video showing them in action.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Martrease caught in the act by the Bike Cops for Kids

View this if you want to smile.

The bikes are rolling!

Martrease is the young man in the video in the above post who we had to spy on to catch him wearing his helmet. This is just a fine young man and one Mike and I will not forget.

Proud Martrease walking his bike up his yard and into his house for safe keeping.

These little tikes were with their mom at the North Regional Library on Lowry and needed bike helmets.

Everyone was happy and showed it with their hands in the air like they just don't care.

Officer Mike waving at the neighbors on Penn Ave.

Precious and her Dad right after she won her new bike.

Proud sisters with their matching bikes above and below.

She would like you to know that she does NOT need training wheels.

These girls were huggers.

Officer Mike explaining phase #2 - the bikes are rolling!