Thursday, July 9, 2009

Slow night for the Bike Cops for Kids

Working nights downtown this past week had its moments. We'd both rather stick to the north side and work when the kids are out during the day. We did order up the bikes and are getting ready for phase 2 of the project.

As it turns out, having bike cops around you when you're trying to look tough defeats your purpose. These guys just walked away from us when we started taking pictures with them. There's more than one way for a cop to clear up a trouble spot.

These guys didn't last too long either, but at least they pretended to like us a little before leaving without saying goodbye.

We did catch up with the Mad Dads again. These guys are everywhere and the Mpls Director, V.J. Smith, works as hard as anyone on some of the most complex issues facing folks in Mpls.

We're still waiting on the last shipment of helmets and promised these little ones we'd be back with more than just stickers. They were just fun loving kids having a safe summer with each other.

Officers Mike and Mark waiting for the rain to stop and making friends at a retail establishment.

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