Tuesday, June 29, 2010

This cute little girl received a helmet when she met us at North Memorial Hospital as we met with our helmet supplier.
These kids were very happy to find the Bike Cops biking by.
This great group of kids were all our playing in their yards and all received a helmet.
This little girl "Heaven" is the second bike winner of 2010, she also got her picture in the Star Tribune with the Bike Cops.

Heaven and her proud father.
The Front tire was already flat, Officer Mike didn't do that.
Officer Mark participating in a day of training.
Star Tribune reporter Rochelle Olson and some lucky helmet winners.
We took a moment to cool off in the pool with some little swimmers.

We met a great family on the porch after we connected with the kids.
Officer Mark reliving his youth
A group shot of some great kids who helped us with our Star Tribune interview. The cutest kid in Minneapolis

The parents of these four little ones told us that the girls will wear theis helmets all the time.
We biked to City Hall, up the stairs, into the Mayors Office, only to have him doze off when we were briefing him.
A beautiful shot of the downtown skyline on a rainy day.

The Four Bike Cops all together in a rare photo.
We found these kids at a park in North Minneapolis.

These young boxers are from the Circle of Discipline Gym in South Minneapolis; here they are participating in the PAL fitness challenge at Cityview school.

We met with Minneapolis City Council member Barb Johnson to update her on the bike project.

We're rolling!

Jason was found wearing his helmet the day after we gave it to him; he is the first bike winner of 2010; and what a great young man he is, a future Minneapolis Police Officer.
This mom has 5 kids that go to my school; Hmong International Academy.
Officer Mark and Mike worked the "Rock the Garden" concert and promoted the "Bike Cops for Kids" initiative.

We found this Bike Cops supporter hiding on the roof of a building trying to sneak a peek at the concert.