Monday, July 6, 2009

Summer nights

Great group of kids enjoying the beautiful night on the north side with The Bike Cops for Kids

Officer Mike and Richard Chakolis Sr., 45 year teacher and wrestling coach, after spending time with Richard's grandchildren and outfitting them with helmets.

Officer Mike tuning up this little guys handle bars.

Mr. Dickson works for the City of Minneapolis too. He's always been a big supporter of The MPD and the work we do on the north side.

North side blogger John Hoff (aka: Johnie Northside) and Officer Mark sharing stories at a BBQ.

This kid had handcuffs too and she always wears her bike helmet.

The moon over Minneapolis was stunning from the north side that night, but didn't quite come through in photography.

Officer Mike made a summer connection with Dequante, a young man who attends the school Mike works at during the school year.

Downtown curfew patrol on Hennepin Ave.

The Bike Cops for Kids were invited to a delicious BBQ at 27th/Logan Av N. This little girl had a dog named Wangwang and wore her helmet during dinner.

Officer Mike on Washington (Boulevard) Ave in the north loop.

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