Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Day 3 had its trials.

The rain delay was short.

It took some convincing for these kids to wear the helmets. If we catch them wearing the helmet later this summer, they may win a brand new bike from Penn Cycle.

Father O'Connell was our gracious host at the elder lunch at Ascension Church. Great chicken salad sandwiches.

Ascension Church elders lunch had to be moved into the garage at the last minute due to rain and Mike engineered the move.

These kids are some of the 100 kids from greater metro churches who have brought their time, resources and energy to improve north side properties like this one. Officer Mike is sitting next to the kind lady who lived at this place.
This group of kids obliged our request to let the news (WCCO TV) film Bike Cops for Kids.

Officer Mike buying steaks from a guy in the parking lot.

This poor little kid biked as fast as she could away from us, dropped her bike and ran into her house. Very good safety when 2 weirdos like Mike and Mark ask you if you want a free bike helmet. Mike tried, but never won her over.

Bike maintenance early in the morning up at the S.O.C.

Eat Fresh...and get a free bike helmet from Officer Mike.

The Country Squire made for a nice photo op when the resident came out wondering why we were checking out her car.

These kids were great. I pulled out a pink helmet from the trailer while explaining that we have the perfect helmet. He finished with a perfectly timed, "for my sister!" Then he choose fire stripes.

Officer Mark Klukow doing the daily bullets at the S.O.C.

Officer Mike Kirchen explaining the Bike Cops for Kids project.

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