Saturday, August 15, 2009

Heat can't stop the Bike Cops for Kids

Officer Mike showing his strength at the start of the day outside the MPD S.O.C.

A stop at the #1 coffee shop in Minneapolis for some carbs and Broadway presence.
Officer Mike misunderstood the globe on this barber shop's sign. They set him straight inside and he came out dejected.

The Bike Cops for Kids ran out of helmets and funding, so after a generous donation from the Kirchen/Klukow Foundation they filled the bike trailer up with $56 in school supplies and modified their mission. School starts in 15 days!

Leila Erlandson, the Executive Director of Person to Person, a non-profit that addresses poverty's impact and the affect on children, came on a bike-along and had some fun with the kids on the street and the Bike Cops for Kids.

Officer Mike with a little school goer and her doll.

Officer Mark met the father of these guys in the Principal's office of North High about 13 years ago. William is the father's name and he is doing his best with these fine young people. They each picked out some school supplies an connected with the Bike Cops.

We stumbled upon these 2 little entrepreneurs and their lemonade/candy/pickle stand and haggled for a deal.

School supplies with the stand operators after we made the deal for pickles and juice.

We couldn't resist this pool in Folwell Park around 2:30 PM. The heat of the day had tapped us.

The Bike Cops for Kids got a little police action while on routine patrol, while a stranger happened to be filming them, on a corner they seldom travel, with someone who is very familiar to Officer Mark and that someones son Jordan.

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