Tuesday, August 11, 2009

We're not good bike mechanics

Martrease had a flat tire, 2 broken brake pads and the right hand-grip had been peeled off. Somehow he got us to promise to make it all go away, so we spent the day with him and his buddies. You may recognize his "new bike smile" from the surveillance video a 2 weeks ago.

After 2 trips to the bike shop even the talents of Officer Mike couldn't resolve the main issue.

Martrease knew we were getting hot and thirsty, so he brought our a half a bottle of orange juice for us and never let us quit.

Here's a final picture of the bike back in tip top shape and a reminder to always lock your bike up and never drop it to the ground. We all agreed to use our "angry faces" for the picture.

Folwell Park was a good place to connect with these girls for a while and allow us decompress after the stress of fixing a single kids bike.

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