Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Shop w/a cop and other fun stuff

The Bike Cops for Kids and Chief Dolan with their assignments during Target's "Shop with a Cop" program early in the morning.

Here's a picture of Officer Mike goofing off during the program briefing next to our supervisor, Sgt Donna Olson, and blog follower, Leah Johnson.

Officer Mark had to straighten him out by setting a good example.

Officer Mark was 7 year old Godwin's cop to shop with. Target gave us $100 to spend on him for school clothes and supplies. He really liked the shopping cart escalator in the Target downtown. We rode it several times.

Liz Holland and Ann Martin were the cops for these fine little school shoppers.

Officer Patrick and Officer Mike before the kids arrived at Target.

Officer Patrick is a traffic officer in Mpls. He and his little guy found the best deals using the Target employee's wisdom.

This is a good picture of some of the 50 cops involved in the shop with a cop program.

This school shopper kept a close eye on Sgt Jesse Garcia, so he didn't get stuck with high-waters or girl notebooks.

Target employee Bree helped Godwin make sure his jeans were the right size.

Here's a picture of Godwin and Officer Mark during their shopping trip.

Officer Mike had 2 little shoppers to buy for.

Jen Walker with the Mpls PD coordinated the cops and the Target program and did a wonderful job.

Somehow, Officer Steph Weibye got paired up with herself - from 25 years ago.

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