Friday, August 7, 2009

Rainy days and bike give aways make me smile

Darius didn't care that it was raining. He was waiting for us to arrive with his new Trek bike and here is a shot of Officer Mark giving him his bike lock.

This little girl really liked Officer Mike.

The rain was a bummer, because we were unable to bike with the bike winners, but they didn't care too much.

These 2 girls were waiting to receive a bike and the first thing we saw when we came around the corner in our police van was what you see here.

An expanded view with Officer Mike's big wet face.

Officer Mark eating his breakfast bar on the way to the first address of a bike winner.

Officer Mike is friends with a security officer on Lowry Ave and gave him his old bullet proof vest for safety.

After seeing this photo it looks like Officer Mike is not only mad about something, but that this young bike winner could be his son.

The photo is grainy, but the moment was precious. The oldest of 6 has worn his helmet every single time he bikes and it eventually won him a new bike. Each of his siblings think he hung the moon and the sun, so it's possible this bike's safety impact will go on for years and maybe generations.

Officer Mike in another foyer after we gave a bike to Stephanie. The rain kept us in foyers all day.

Todd explaining how he won a bike to his little sister.

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